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ABC International Presents the Most Comfortable Headrest

Italian design firm ABC International has presented an unusual product that solves an age-old problem of comfort during a flight. The Boom headrest is designed to provide complete neck and head support, ensuring the orthopedic health and comfort of passengers during flights. The company believes it will eliminate the need for passengers to bring their own travel cushions.

The designer of the new headrest is Ms. Aysegul Durak, former chief engineer of the Turkish Airlines cabin. She has over 24 years of experience in cabin configuration and passenger experience. 

“While sitting, the passengers require arm support, therefore the seats provide armrest. Considering the head is just as essential, why do today’s headrests do not provide effective support for the head including the nape and neck? Boom Headrest is designed to meet the current unfulfilled demand of the passengers,” Aysegul Durak commented.

Standard seat headrests do not support the head or any part of the neck. Most headrests allow passengers to lean on their back or sometimes to the side if it is a headrest with ‘wings’.

The flexing mechanism allows passengers to select and change the support throughout the flight for optimal comfort. It also slides vertically up and down, providing comfort and convenience to passengers of all heights.

For carriers, weight is always an important consideration in cabin furniture, so ABC has designed Boom to be the lightest headrest in the market. The main structure is manufactured from aluminum alloy, with inserts made from steel and polyamide for long life even with intensive use.

Check out a short video below.

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