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WiFi Security not a Huge Concern for Most Travelers

Almost 25% of travelers say they not at all concerned about security when using WiFi in an airport or on a plane, according to a recent survey by The GO Group, LLC, an international ground transportation provider. However, 48% said they were somewhat concerned.

shutterstock 131635730Only 19% of the 293 respondents were very concerned while nine percent said they never thought about their security while online at airports on planes.

But they should.

“Travelers need to be aware that it is not overly difficult for criminals to steal personal information when people use WiFi networks in public spaces,” says John McCarthy,  president of The GO Group. “All thieves need is a battery powered hotspot.”

Three percent of survey participants said they have had personal information stolen while using WiFi in an airport or on a plane. Twenty-eight percent said they did now know whether or not they have had information stolen.

Several respondents expressed that they didn’t have information worth stealing.

“Using common sense and taking active measures, such as verifying the full name of the WiFi network, turning off file sharing, only using sites with HTTPS encryptions and not conducting online financial transactions can go a long way in protecting sensitive information,” adds McCarthy.

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