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Uber to Launch Cityscoot E-Mopeds in Paris

In a global first, Cityscoot e-mopeds will be available to book and pay for directly in the Uber app in Paris next month. Alongside cars, bikes, scooters and transit, the addition of e-mopeds mans residents and visitors of Paris will have access to more shared mobility options than any other city in the world.

The partnership with French start-up, Cityscoot, came from the mutual belief that mobility should be shared to relieve congestion in city centers and reduce the impact of transport on climate change. This is the first time Uber has offered e-mopeds in the app anywhere in the world, and we see it as another step towards our goal to become a one-stop shop for all transportation needs.

After the the recent integration of public transit in the Uber app in Paris, the addition of Cityscoot e-mopeds makes the French capital home to Uber’s largest array of product offerings. As Uber quickly becomes the operating system for everyday life, Parisians can now replace cars with a range of mobility options spanning scooters, bikes, public transport and now e-mopeds with just a few taps on their smartphone.

We’re delighted to find new ways for people to move around without the need to own a car,” said Billy Guernier, Uber’s Head of New Mobility Platform. “ The integration of Cityscoot in the Uber app shows how we can become a one stop-shop for all your mobility needs while giving Cityscoot the opportunity to reach new customers. We are proud to help a local player – leader on its market and recognized as a national champion by French government – grow faster and further expand in Europe.”

Cityscoot CEO Bertrand Fleurose said: “Our partnership with Uber complements their offer and allows us to get further visibility among their wide rider-base. With the convenience and ease of use of our e-mopeds, I trust this will result in additional trips. The strength of the Uber platform will contribute to our expansion in France and beyond, and will boost our growth.”

A seamless experience that complements Uber’s mutil-modal platform

With the Cityscoot option in the Uber app, users will instantly be able to locate and book one of the 4,000 available e-mopeds. Cityscoot e-mopeds will continue to be offered at the same pricing of 29 cts/minute, payment being automatically managed on the Uber app.

Alongside cars, scooters and bikes, the option will be featured on the home screen and in the tab. Uber, JUMP and Cityscoot services complement each other both in terms of usage and pricing, allowing riders to access a range of options adapted to their needs:

  • JUMP scooters for very short distances: <2 km
  • JUMP bikes for short distances: 3 km on average
  • E-mopeds for mid-distances: 4 km on average
  • Cars for long distances: 9 km on average

How it works:

  1. Open the Uber App
  2. Next to the cars, bikes and scooters, all electric mopeds available around you show up on the home screen
  3. Select the e-moped of your choice and follow the itinerary
  4. Unlock the e-moped by typing the pin on the handlebar
  5. Put your helmet on (located under your seat), a hairnet is also at your disposal
  6. The journey starts! Drive on the road and not on the bike or bus lanes
  7. Once your ride is complete, park your electric moped within a Cityscoot zone or at an authorized place – car and motorbike parking spots – then click on “end the trip”

Note: Cityscoot users will still be able to book their trips on the Cityscoot App if they wish to.

For your safety:

  • Cityscoot electric mopeds, designed and made in Europe, are a reference in terms of stability and robustness. Their speed is limited to 45 km/h, to ensure safe trips
  • They come with a protective apron that covers the legs, a transparent tactile pouch is also provided for users’ to follow their phone’s GPS safely
  • Tutoring sessions are often organized for beginners
  • A helmet and a hairnet are provided with the moped
  • In the event of falling, a warning is immediately sent to our customer service
  • The Cityscoot customer service is available 24/7 by phone or through the App
  • Every trip is covered by our Allianz France all-risks insurance
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