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The Most Reputable Cities in World

Tokyo, Sydney and Copenhagen claimed the top three spots as the world’s most reputable cities in Reputation Institute’s 2018 City RepTrak®, the world’s largest annual survey of city reputation. These cities are joined by Vienna, Stockholm and Venice, collectively comprising six cities with excellent reputations this year.

This is an increase from only two cities with excellent reputations in 2017, as the factors that drive desirability and reputation become increasingly competitive. Study results demonstrate significant changes in city rankings compared with last year. Tokyo rose 11 spots in the ranks from 2017 to become the most reputable city in the world this year. It led the way in key drivers of city reputation, featuring strongly on perceptions of the Most Respected Leaders, Effective Government and Safe Environment.

The Most Reputable Cities in World:

1. Tokyo
2. Sydney
3. Copenhagen
4. Vienna
5. Stockholm
6. Venice
7. Rome
8. Zurich
9. Munich
10. Montreal

Six cities are new to the top 10 in 2018, as Sydney, Copenhagen, Vienna and Stockholm were the only cities still
in the top 10 from last year.

Moscow is this year’s least reputable city but maintains a strong reputation among the Russian population. Moscow’s last-place ranking is due to global perceptions that it is “a dark, dank place where people aren’t happy to live.” Mexico City is perceived as the least safe city, following its most violent first quarter in the past two decades.

Top 10 least reputable cities:

1. Moscow
2. Cairo
3. Mexico City
4. New Delhi
5. Istanbul
6. Rio De Janeiro
7. Jerusalem
8. Bangkok
9. Shanghai
10. Las Vegas

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