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The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Serbia

What are the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia? Greece, Turkey and Germany are the three most popular tourist destinations for Serbian tourists as these are destinations where they spent the most money last season on.

The Aegean Sea has been the most popular sea for Serbian tourists for years, and in the first nine months of this year, according to the National Bank of Serbia, Serbian tourists “left” 344 million Euros in Greece. Turkey holds second place, where around 157 million Euros were spent mainly in Antalya. By comparison, Serbian tourists spent 135m Euros in Turkey last year.

The third most popular destination for Serbian tourists was a completely unexpected destination – Germany. In the first nine months of this year, Serbian tourists spent 62 million Euros on travelling and self-catering holiday accommodation in this country, which has no warm sea, but nevertheless they spent 62 million Euros in the first nine months of the year.

Italy comes fourth with 57 million Euros spent, whilst Montenegro comes fifth with 42 million Euros. Serbian tourists spent 30 million in Croatia, 28 million in Slovenia, 26 million in Spain, and 20 million Euros in Bulgaria and Austria.

Egypt is back in full swing attracting Serbian tourists who spent 42 million Euros in the Red Sea region, thus ranked sixth on the “top spending lists”. The money is mainly spent in Hurghada, while next year Serbian tourists will be once again heading to Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo and enjoying the Nile cruise. Next year, Egypt will bear the prestigious Partner Country title at Belgrade Tourism Fair, so even better results are expected in the same period.

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