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The Casino Games with the Best Odds to Play

As we look to get back to normal life, many of us will be fancying a trip down to the casino, or perhaps even a real blow out to Las Vegas or another gambling hotspot around the world.

But if you’re unsure about the various games associated with casinos, then you perhaps may not quite know where to start.

Most casino games carry the same odds no matter where you are as they are fixed and based on statistics and facts rather than opinions like sports. So, what are the casino games that carry the best odds?

If you’re thinking of getting away, or even turning your hand to the casino while you’re in lockdown, here are the games you should be considering…


Blackjack is the game which has one of the best chances of winning thanks to its low house edge of just 1%. The game is played in casinos all over the world from Las Vegas to Macau and even your local casino.

As well as being one of the best in terms of chances of winning, it’s also one of the most simple games within a casino, with the aim being to simply get closer to the value of 21 with your hand than the dealer does. If you do, you win. If you don’t or go over the value of 21, you lose.


Craps is another simple game which requires no skill but the simple bet on a dice. It can be a rather daunting place to play if you are new to casino, as there are so many bets you can place, but it simply involves betting on the way the dice will land.

Betting on the player is the most popular bet and carries fairly high odds, but you can also place many other bets that offer higher risk, but also higher reward, for example betting on a particular set of numbers to appear on the dice.


Roulette is a game in which with the simplest wagers you can get almost a 50% chance of winning, when betting on red or black, odd or even or 1-18, 19-36. While the zero increases the house edge slightly, you still have a fairly good chance of winning and can make some good profit on roulette.

It is always worth betting on European Roulette, however, as there is only one zero in comparison to American Roulette which has two and therefore a higher house edge.

What To Be Aware Of

Of course, it’s also important you are aware of the games with a high house edge. What you’ll usually find is these come with live games or slot machines, with Wheel of Fortune having a notoriously high house edge.

When it comes to slot machines, they can vary significantly, so the best thing to do is check the Return to Player, which is highlighted on every slot and essentially tells you the percentage it will pay out of what’s put in overtime. The best slots to play for this are those with Return to Player percentages, or RTPs, that are in the late 90s.

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