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Delta to Retire Older Airplanes Earlier than Planned

Delta to Retire Older Airplanes Earlier than Planned

Delta will retire the MD-88 and MD-90 airplanes earlier than previously planned, with both aircraft types exiting the fleet effective June 2020. The accelerated retirement schedule of both aircraft is a result of the COVID-19

Seven Questions About Flying

Pilot and YouTuber Tapio Siivola replies to passengers’ common questions. A Finnish pilot, Tapio Siivola, who makes videos for his YouTube channel “Tapio on the move,” flies over 600 flights per year on average. His

Why Are Airplanes Usually Painted White?

From helping to keep aircraft cool to minimising bird strikes, here are four reasons commercial aircraft are almost always this colour. It’s perhaps something that most travelers, even frequent flyers, have wondered about but never

Boeing Sets Airplane Delivery Record

Boeing delivered more commercial airplanes than any manufacturer for the sixth consecutive year and set an industry record with 763 deliveries in 2017, driven by high output of the market-leading 737 and 787 jets. At