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Superjet 100 Will Be Based at Sheremetyevo

Rossiya is fully ready to fly on Superjet 100 aircraft. The Federal Air Transport Agency has added a new type of aircraft to the airline’s operator certificate.

The start of operation of Superjet 100 aircraft is taking place within the framework of the updated strategy of the Aeroflot Group, according to which Rossiya will focus its efforts on performing long-distance and regional air transportation within the country. The main task is to provide convenient connections both with our own flights and with Aeroflot flights at the Sheremetyevo base airport.

“Sheremetyevo, with its extensive route network, is becoming as important an airport for Rossiya Airlines as the St. Petersburg Pulkovo, where the bulk of the airline’s fleet is concentrated. The replenishment of the fleet will make it possible to increase the number of flights from the regions to Moscow, and the high frequency of flights, in turn, will ensure the most convenient connections with flights both to important domestic destinations and to international flights of the parent airline Aeroflot, – said the CEO of Rossiya Airlines Sergey Alexandrovsky.

Nizhny Novgorod and Belgorod will become the first destinations in the route network of Rossiya on which Superjet 100 aircraft will begin to operate.

Four flights are planned to Nizhny Novgorod on January 1. According to the schedule, departures from Moscow are at 9:30, 13:10, 18: 15 and 23:35. Arrival at Strigino airport at 10:55, 14:30, 19:35 and 00:55, respectively. Return flights from Nizhny Novgorod at 11:40, 15:15 and 20:35 with arrival in Moscow at 12:55, 16:35 and 21:55, respectively.

The departure of the plane to Belgorod from Sheremetyevo airport is at 16:30, arrival at 18:05. Return flight from Belgorod is at 19:00, arrival at Sheremetyevo – at 20:50.

In January, Superjet 100 aircraft will operate flights from Moscow to Nizhnekamsk, Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk. In the future, as the airline’s fleet grows, the number of destinations the Superjet 100 will fly to will expand.

According to the new strategy, Rossiya will become the leading operator of domestically produced aircraft. By the end of 2021, the airline will have 66 Superjet 100 aircraft in its fleet. At the same time, foreign aircraft will continue to operate regular and charter flights. Now the airline’s fleet, in addition to Superjet 100 aircraft, consists of Airbus A320 family, Boeing 737, Boeing 777 and Boeing 747.

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