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SunExpress cargo flights

SunExpress Offers Free Rebooking Options

SunExpress, a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, continues to offer maximum flexibility with fares adapted for passengers who wish to postpone their trips in case of unexpected disruptions during the coronavirus pandemic. Following its newly designed SunFlex service, the airline is now offering the “Corona Care Guarantee” package.

Launched in November 2020, the SunFlex option offers passengers the opportunity to rebook their reservations with no additional fees until a certain period of time before departure, depending on the fare selected during booking. Passengers who prefer the SunClassic fare can rebook their tickets at no charge once up to 30 days prior to departure. With the optimized SunPremium fare, tickets can be rebooked for no additional fees up to seven days before departure. Additionally, the airline has a special offer for its guests during the winter season: through March 31, 2021, SunClassic reservations can be rebooked up to 15 days prior to departure free of charge.

Another flexible offer by SunExpress: The Corona Care Guarantee

SunExpress has announced that it has launched the Corona Care Guarantee package to its passengers. With the package, passengers can take advantage of free rebooking and cancellation options in case the COVID-19 virus infects them or their first-degree relatives.

The Corona-Care Guarantee package is offered at prices starting from €3 on international routes and 7TL on domestic routes. SunExpress passengers are now able to rebook or cancel their existing reservations free of charge only if they submit a document as proof up to 10 days after departure.

As part of the Corona Care Guarantee Package, SunExpress, an air bridge between Germany and Turkey, also started to offer rebooking and cancellation options to booked passengers if a travel warning between Turkey and Germany is announced after they have made their reservations.

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