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S7 Airlines Started Using New Full Flight Simulator E170

The Aviation S7 Training Center began operating the Embraer 170 complex simulator manufactured by FlightSafety International. S7 Airlines pilots are already training using the new simulator.

FFS (Full Flight Simulators) complex flight simulators are designed for practicing the necessary skills for pilots in conditions as close as possible to a real flight. They are equipped with a cabin that fully corresponds to the cabin of a real aircraft.

The simulator is equipped with a Moog digital electric mobility system with six degrees of freedom to simulate flight dynamics, and it also has a Rockwell Collins EP-8100 visualization system with JVC VS-2500 laser projectors. The viewing angle is 200 degrees in the horizontal plane and 40 degrees in the vertical one. These characteristics allow you to recreate the feeling of a real flight.

The new simulator is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) according to the FFS Level D highest standard. This is the very first simulator of this type of aircraft certified in accordance with the requirements of EASA CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2, including the capability of conducting training on bringing the aircraft out of a difficult spatial position and stalling, as well as critical flight modes.

The instructor’s workplace is equipped with LCD touchscreen monitors and auxiliary buttons for quick function input which makes it possible to change flight conditions and hone all the necessary skills during training.

Currently, S7 Training Center has the ability to carry out all types of training for pilots and flight attendants on E170/175/190/195 aircraft using the FFS Embraer 170 and Door Trainer Embraer 170 simulators.

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