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Romania Joins Digital Nomad Visa Scheme

Romania has joined European countries, like Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, and Norway, which have launched Nomad Visa.

Through this scheme, citizens from other countries interested in jobs independent of time and location, mainly engaged in specific fields such as technology, marketing or finance, would be permitted to work in Romania.

“An advantage [for digital nomads] would be the lower cost of living, unlike other European countries or even the United States, where the cost of living is almost 50% higher. In Romania, for one person the expenses are on average less than €500 per month,” shared Vlad Craioveanu, co-founder and Business Development Manager at Impact Hub Bucharest.

“Another benefit would be economic, digital nomads are used to relaxing, working from new places, visiting the country they choose to go. That means money spent in cafes, hubs, co-working spaces, and an increase in tourism,” shared  Iunieta Sandu from NO.MAD Talks. 

For digital nomads to live and travel in Romania and continue to work remotely for their foreign employer or their own company, registered outside of Romania, they’ll have to apply for a normal working visa. This allows them to work for 90 days and can be extended into a residence permit.

To get a Digital Nomad Visa directly, a person has to apply for it at the Romanian Embassy in their country, offer proof of the company they work for, medical insurance, and give details about where they will stay, their background, and revenue in the last six months. This has to be at least €1150 per month, which is lower than what other European countries request. For example, Georgia requests around €1600, Croatia around €2200, while Estonia asks for €3500.

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