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Public Transport New York: 6 Tips For Safe and Enjoyable Travel

With the number of attractions and activities New York City (NYC) has to offer, it’s easy to see why thousands of tourists visit the Big Apple every year. Regardless of whether you want to try out extreme activities or indulge in unique cuisines, NYC will always have something to offer. 

Traveling to New York City is fun, but do you know how to make your experience better? Going around the city using public transportation. This is a great way to live like the locals, meet locals, and visit several spots during the day. Also, public transportation in NYC is budget-friendly. 

For safe and enjoyable use of public transportation in NYC, take note of these tips:

  1. Plan Your Route Ahead Of Time

Getting lost in the middle of a big unfamiliar city is one of the worst nightmares any traveler can experience. Being in this situation can be stressful, it can ruin your itinerary and put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. 

Before riding any public transportation around NYC, take the time to plan your route first. For example, before getting bus tickets from Boston to New York, you should know the schedule of the buses and where you’re going to arrive. It’s also important to be familiar with the bus stopovers and the estimated travel time. Make use of maps and look for any landmarks that will help guide you through your destination.

2. Avoid Touching Communal Surfaces

Although the number of COVID cases around New York City has started to decrease, you should never be complacent when taking public transportation. Whether you’re riding a bus or train to explore the Big Apple, it’s best to avoid touching communal surfaces, such as touchscreens and buttons. If possible, make use of contactless payment methods.

Don’t forget to bring wet wipes and sanitizers whenever you’re taking public transportation. Use these to clean the area before taking any seats or touching any surfaces. You should also refrain from using a pair of gloves when traveling as this will only pick up germs, not protect you from them. 

3. Follow The Directions

New York is a big city, which is why many travelers often get lost. Sure, being lost as you explore around NYC is a great story to tell your friends and family back home, but being in this situation can be frustrating and often cost a lot of money. 

When exploring New York City, pay attention to the decals on the floors and the signs you see on stations. Following these signs will help you safely exit stations, avoid by-standing, and prevent you from bumping into other people in public areas.


4. Don’t Eat And Keep The Volume Down

Eating and putting your headphones in full volume might not be a big deal in your home country, but it is in New York City. In fact, it’s an unspoken rule when taking public transportation in NYC to avoid eating and listening to loud music.

Eating in public transportation allows you to carry particles from various surfaces into your mouth, putting you at risk of many illnesses. Listening to loud music, on the other hand, can disturb other passengers. Keep in mind that some commuters would want to travel in peace, and your excessively loud tunes can prevent them from doing that. Loud music could also distract you from being mindful of your surroundings, resulting in missing your stop or losing your items.

5. Keep Your Valuables Secure In A Bag

When you ride public transportation around New York, expect that you’ll be able to see breathtaking views—views that aren’t available anywhere else in the world. However, the scenery shouldn’t distract you from looking after your valuables.

To ensure your safety and enjoyment when taking public transportation in New York, keep all of your valuables secured in your bag. It would be helpful to use theft-proof bags. Trains, buses, tubes, and other public transportation often get busy, especially during rush hours, and being unaware of your surroundings will make it very easy for thieves to steal from you. 

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6. Trust Your Instincts

New York is one of the best cities to travel to, but this place isn’t immune to people committing crimes or doing malicious activities. This is one of the reasons why you should always trust your instinct whenever you ride public transportation. 

Whenever you feel uncomfortable sitting across or beside someone, move immediately. If you see someone intoxicated in the train, exit at the next stop and transfer to another carriage. You can also alert any staff at the station if you think someone should intervene. 

Control Emotions, Have Fun Around NYC

You should never let the excitement get the best of you when you ride public transportation around New York City. Instead of having a trip that’s one for the books, your experience going around NYC as you’re riding public transportation can become a total disaster if you’re not careful.

Have fun and be safe taking public transportation around New York City by following all of the tips in this article. These tips will surely go a long way to ensure that your next trip to NYC will be the best one yet.

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