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Princess Cruises Expands Flight Booking Programme for Southeast Asia

Princess Cruises has added its EZair flight booking programme for guests from Southeast Asia, mainly Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brunei. This easy-to-use tool provides customised suggestions based on when and where passengers are sailing, low prices with flexible air fares, and the reassurance that they will reach their ship with ease and convenience.

This service is particularly beneficial for guests who must travel to faraway destinations to board their cruise and relieves the hassle of having to visit different websites to check flight details.   This programme has long been enjoyed by guests in North America and Europe, and is now available in Southeast Asia.

“Princess Cruises’ EZAIR elevates the pre-cruising experience by making it easy and convenient to book the flight component for guests in Southeast Asia who will be travelling overseas to cruise. The Princess website will serve as a one-stop all vacation planner, making it stress-free and convenient in booking flights with their cruises, “said Farriek Tawfik, director, Southeast Asia, Princess Cruises.

“The EZair programme will better serve guests in this region with access to competitive airfares compatible with their cruise,” he added.  Available flights can be reviewed in real-time, and the desired air schedule and carrier can be chosen at the time of booking. The cruise must be reserved and deposited before flights can be booked. However, flights can be searched when checking cruise availability.

Flights are available to book from four days before the cruise to 300 days before the end of the vacation. Princess EZair allows guests to customise their flights – choosing the desired time, carrier, number of stops, class of service, etc. – at the time of booking, without paying any additional customisation fee.  This makes it easy to find flights that fit the requirements of the cruise and at competitive fares.

Princess EZair also provides the flexibility of booking flights – whether directly on princess.com or with travel advisors. Princess EZair is connected to Princess’ booking system so that all flight guidelines and voyage information is automatically applied to the search.  Travel advisors can also access the EZair programme to check flights for guests, thereby saving time.

Princess EZair provides Late Arrival Protection

Guests who book air travel through Princess Cruises will be automatically enrolled in the Princess Late Arrival Protection program.

If guests miss or will miss their original port of embarkation due to airline delay or an airline service disruption, such as flight cancellation or flight re-routes and weather-related issues, Princess will work with the airlines to find a reasonable alternative to provide flights to the next appropriate port at no additional air cost to the guest.

If, for any reason, the cruise arrives late at port or the Princess transfer is delayed to the airport and the return flight is missed, Princess works with the airline to rebook flights to get the guests home.

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