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Nordwind Relaunches Moscow – Orsk Flights

Moscow – Orsk – Moscow flights were resumed on the 16th of August: Nordwind performed its 1st scheduled flight on a modern Embraer 190 aircraft. The aircraft are intended for transportation of 110 passengers in its comfortable economy class cabin.

Nordwind flights to Orsk under the scheduled flight program shall be operated as follows: departure from Orsk at 05:25, arrival to Moscow at 05:55. Turnaround flight departures at 00:10 and arrives to Orsk at 04:35. The price for a one-way ticket starts from 4050 Rubles.

Despite the early arrival of the 1st flight, the passengers were greeted by numerous reporters of the local TV channels, radio stations, printed and electronic media.

Due to lack of scheduled flights from Orsk, its citizens were forced to fly from Orenburg, situated 300 km from Orsk. Nordwind’s convenient flight schedule allows about quarter of a million citizens to travel from their home town and within 2,5 hours arrive to Moscow at the beginning of a business day.

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