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BT Tower

MCR Hotels Acquired BT Tower in London

The BT Tower, a prominent landmark in London, is set to transform a hotel. American company MCR Hotels has acquired the building for £275 million and, in collaboration with the Camden-based architectural firm Heatherwick Studio, plans to develop a strategy for the conversion. The project will take a considerable amount of time, with an estimated year required just to vacate and clear the premises. Disposal of equipment and technology from the site will also be a time-consuming aspect.

The 177-metre tower had a revolving restaurant at the top with panoramic views of the capital. It was closed for security reasons in 1971 following a bomb explosion.

Brent Mathews, the property director of BT, said the BT Tower sits at the heart of London. “It’s played a vital role in carrying the nation’s calls, messages, and TV signals, but increasingly we’re delivering content and communication via other means. This deal with MCR will enable BT Tower to take on a new purpose, preserving this iconic building for decades to come.”

Tyler Morse, the chief executive of MCR Hotels, said: “We are proud to preserve this beloved building and will work to develop proposals to tell its story as an iconic hotel, opening its doors for generations to enjoy.”

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