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Lufthansa Increases Ground Stuff Salary

In the third round of negotiations, Lufthansa and the trade union ver.di have agreed on a new collective pay agreement for Lufthansa ground staff.

“We are pleased that we have succeeded in finding a good solution for our employees with the social partner,” said Michael Niggemann, Member of the Executive Board Chief Officer Human Resources at Deutsche Lufthansa AG. “We have agreed on large salary increases. It was especially important to us to give disproportionately higher consideration to the lower and middle income groups. With this, we are living up to our social responsibility for our employees and ensuring our attractiveness as employer. In view of the continuing high burdens caused by the pandemic and the uncertain economic situation, we have spread the increase in compensation over several stages and created longer-term planning certainty through an 18-month term.”

In detail, the new collective compensation agreement includes the following components:

  • Fixed amount of 200 euros per month retroactive to July 1, 2022
  • Increase in basic monthly pay of 2.5 percent, but at least 125 euros, as of January 1, 2023
  • Increase in basic monthly pay of 2.5 percent from July 1, 2023
  • Term of at least 18 months

Exemplary increases in basic monthly pay (gross) within the term:

  • Basic pay/month of 2,000 euros: increase 19.2 percent
  • Basic pay/month of 3,000 euros: increase 13.6 percent
  • Basic pay/month of 6,500 euros: increase 8.3 percent

The agreement is still subject to the approval of the boards and a ver.di membership survey.

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