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LGBT Travel Market: Annual Spend Now Exceeds USD$218 billion

The annual value of total spending on travel and tourism by lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people is being revealed today by LGBT consulting specialists Out Now at WTM London.

1024px LGBT flag square.svgThe data is being presented by Ian Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Out Now today at the LGBT Masterclass at the global travel industry event WTM London.

The data is sourced from Out Now’s global LGBT2030 research program, which reaches a research panel comprising over 130,000 participants from 26 countries.

The new research presented today at WTM London by Out Now received 8,752 replies.

The data shows the annual spend as at 2018 by LGBT residents of key countries. This includes spending on domestic and international travel and includes analysis of travel, accommodation, holiday dining, sightseeing and other tourism expenditure.


USA 63.1 1.9
Brazil 26.8 0.8
Japan 20.7 0.9
Germany 13.8 2.0
UK 11.7 1.6
France 11.4 1.0
Mexico 11.4 3.3
Italy 9.0 0.1
Canada 7.1 1.7
Spain 7.0 1.4
Australia 6.9 2.8
Turkey 6.6 3.0
Colombia 5.1 2.4
Poland 4.7 3.3
India 4.7 7.2
Argentina 4.3 1.6
Netherlands 3.0 1.4
Israel 1.4 3.0
TOTAL USD$218.7 2.2%

Johnson said the findings demonstrate the resilience of this diverse global market.

“Out Now has worked for 27 years to better understand and meet the needs of LGBT people globally,” Johnson said. “A fundamental aspect of Out Now’s work is research so we are very pleased to continue our 15 year partnership with World Travel Market by releasing these findings today at WTM in London. This new global LGBT2030 research data reveals a market that is robust, diverse and growing. It is also important though that travel industry suppliers understand they need to focus past the strong value of the market, to make sure their products and services are well-tailored to meet the specific needs of this market. That includes training and education for customer-facing staff as a minimum – to make sure the potential of the large LGBT travel spend can be fully realised by individual destinations and hotels.”

Out Now also released details of their new global education resource Learn.LGBT [https://www.Learn.LGBT ] during the LGBT Masterclass at WTM London.

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