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Leo Express Grows in Poland

From 28 June Leo Express will start to operate daily train connection between Czechia and Polish Krakow, where it already operates its popular weekend connection. The Czech company remains the only private rail carrier in passenger transport in Poland. The connection will be accompanied by direct follow-up bus connection from Krakow to Lviv in Ukraine, which will be operated by new more comfortable buses. In Krakow, passengers can try our unique door2door service and take a ride to the railway station or from it to any selected address. From 1 June Leo Express also strengthens its minibus connection between Ostrava and the airport in Katowice, which will newly stop at the museum of Auschwitz, at the entertainment park Energylandia and at the Krakow airport. The minibus connection between Krakow and Košice will also be expanded to the Košice airport and it will also offer a wine destination of Grand Bari Tokaj.

“People in Poland love Leo Express. Our popular connection between Prague – Krakow will now operate daily, and we also expand the minibus connection from Bohumín, which will also go to Krakow. In Krakow, our connections will connect to a direct buses to Lviv in Ukraine,” says CEO of Leo Express, Peter Köhler.

Leo Express began operation on the Polish tracks as the first Czech company and the only private passenger rail carrier last year, on 20 July 2018, and the first ride was blessed by the arch-abbot of the Břevnov monastery Peter Prokop Siostrzonek. The popular connection, which is now operated on weekends, will become a daily connection from 28 June until 2 September. Then it will return to its weekend operation. In Krakow, passengers can take advantage of a unique door2door service and get a minibus ride to the railway station or from it to any selected address. The passengers will also be able to switch to follow-up buses to Lviv in Ukraine.

More comfortable buses and follow-up connection to Lviv, Ukraine

Leo Express launches new buses in Poland, which will ensure an even more comfortable travel for passengers. Some changes will touch the bus timetable between Krakow and Lviv in Ukraine. There will still be two connections every day. One connection will stay at the current route Lviv – Ostrava, but the other will go between Krakow and Lviv to ensure a follow-up connection to the new daily train connections to Krakow from 28 June. “It is another step to directly connect Poland and Ukraine. We plan to launch a train connection in the future,” explains Peter Köhler.

From 1 June Leo Express also expands its minibus connection between Ostrava and Katowice Airport. The timetable is adjusted to better follow the new flight schedule in Katowice and the opening hours of the entertainment park Energylandia and of the museum in the former concentration camp in Auschwitz, where it will newly stop. Additionally, the morning connection will now also stop at the airport in Krakow. “Our minibus connection is thanks to the morning arrival and evening departure ideal for one day family trips to Krakow or to the entertainment park. Traveling with us is also far eco-friendlier than a ride with a car,” says the Leo Express director for Poland, Juraj Andrejka.

Expansions and new stops wait for the minibus line from Krakow to Košice as well. The connection will stop at the Košice Airport on selected days, where it will follow the flight schedule of mainly Turkish Airlines to Istanbul. From 1 July passengers will be able to visit the Grand Bari Tokaj – newly opened vineyard, which is approximately one-hour ride from Košice. The customers of Leo Express will have the opportunity to get a ride to two wineries where they can get special discounted service packages.

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