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Walt Disney: 8 Intriguing Facts About Animation’s Icon

From Walt Disney’s secret flat to fake shell companies

Walt Disney had a secret apartment at Disneyland

It’s still there, in fact, above the fire station. Walt’s private apartment is open to VIPs. The furnishings remain virtually unchanged. Even a lamp in the window is visible from outside. It’s kept on to symbolize Walt’s presence in the park.

He bought the land under fake names

Walt wanted to create an East Coast Disneyland. He discovered ideal swamplands near Orlando, Florida. To keep his purchase a secret, Walt created fake shell companies.

Disney had plans to build a ski resort

Disney had plans to build a ski resort in Central California. He negotiated with the government to build the resort in Sequoia National Forest. This process took five years. The victory lap didn’t play out the way he had anticipated.

Walt Disney Company opted to build Disney World instead.

Walt Disney didn’t draw Mickey Mouse

He did at first, but it didn’t last long. After 1928, Walt was no longer animating, focusing instead on direction. He relied on Iwerks and other artists to draw dirty work. He never drew Mickey in any of his theatrical releases.

But he did voice the Mickey Mouse for 20 years

Walt was unhappy with the way Mickey sounded. So he decided to voice Mickey Mouse himself in 1929. He continued to do so until 1947.

Mickey Mouse was originally named Mortimer Mouse

Mickey Mouse was originally named Mortimer Mouse. But Disney’s wife said the name Mortimer sounded too pompous. She convinced Disney to change the name to Mickey.

He produced the first full Technicolor cartoon

In 1932, Walt produced the first-ever full-color cartoon, Flowers and Trees. He had exclusive rights to this process till 1935.

Walt Disney is the record-holder

He still holds the record for most Oscar wins by a single person. Walt Disney went on to win 32 Academy Awards throughout his career. He still holds the record for most Oscars by an individual.


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