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ICC Jerusalem Inaugurates Virtual Congress Center

The International Convention Center – ICC Jerusalem inaugurates a virtual congress center in response to conferencing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic

ICC’s digital platform offers a friendly solution for managing congresses, trade shows, and business functions

Allows producers and organizers to set up conferences or events in any of ICC’s halls and transform them in real-time into virtual panel sessions, interviews, performances, and conferences.

Participants log in to the content virtually via their devices and can communicate directly with other participants.

A first in Israel’s congress and event industry: the International Congress Center (Binyanei Hauma) Jerusalem, the venue of numerous iconic events throughout Israel’s history, is launching a virtual congress center in response to the needs of the conference and exhibition producers during the challenging days of COVID-19.

The virtual congress center consists of a digital platform optimized for the management and marketing of congresses, trade shows, and other business functions.

Producers and organizers using the innovating platform will be able to quickly set up an event in any of the halls, spaces, and auditoriums of ICC Jerusalem, transforming the desired space into a live virtual experience for panel discussions, interviews, concerts, and congresses.

The event’s participants will log in virtually from their devices to follow the virtual content, as well as to communicate directly with other participants.

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