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How Weather Impacts Tourists’ Wallets? How Much Sunseekers Pay Per Degree?

It’s only mid-June, but the scorching heat is already disrupting vacations in Europe, with Greece experiencing particularly severe conditions, resulting in fatalities due to extreme temperatures.

A recent study by The Post Office, reported by The Mirror, reveals that beyond physical discomfort and health risks, extreme weather also impacts tourists’ wallets. Specifically, the analysis found that each additional degree Celsius increases vacation costs for a family of four in Spain by £96 (approximately €114). For instance, a week-long trip in May for two adults and two teenagers from London to Benidorm, Spain, costs a family £803 (around €952) at 22°C. However, in August, when temperatures reach 30°C, the cost rises to £1570 (about €1861).

The impact of heat on vacation costs for a seven-day trip for a family of four at popular destinations is as follows:

  1. Florida, USA – £972 per degree (approximately €1152).
  2. Vlorë, Albania – £138 per degree (approximately €164).
  3. Marmaris, Turkey – £133 per degree (approximately €158).
  4. Dubai, UAE – £117 per degree (approximately €139).
  5. Crete, Greece – £102 per degree (approximately €121).
  6. Benidorm, Spain – £96 per degree (approximately €114).
  7. Cyprus – £89 per degree (approximately €105).

According to a survey of 2,000 travelers, four out of ten prefer to vacation “off-season.” The primary reasons include significant overall cost savings (58%), fewer tourists (51%), and quieter travel routes (37%).

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