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How Many Tourists Came to Antalya in 2021?

According to the data of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; Antalya tourism shrinking under the effect of Covid 19; It hosted 3.4 million tourists in 2020. 1.55 million people came to the city in the 8 months of last year. This year, the number of tourists visiting in 8 months increased by 239% to 5.28 million.

Has the number of tourists increased?

While the number of foreign tourists coming to the city in 8 months increased by 257% from 1.42 million to 5 million, the number of foreign-resident citizens increased by 485 percent and reached 203.5 thousand.

Which tourist markets provided the increase?

During this period, the number of tourists visiting Antalya increased by 3.72 million, while 38% of this was obtained from the Russian market. On the other hand, the increase; 17% was obtained from Ukraine and 12% from Germany.

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