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How Can Private Jet Make Your Business Trips More Efficient?

Today, travelling by private jet for business can prove more efficient than using any other transport means. In a world dominated by fears of the pandemic, travellers forget that many countries nowadays do allow business trips if the time spent abroad does not surpass 24 or 48 hours – (different country regulations apply here).

Now that you are only allowed to spend a limited time abroad, problems arise for business travellers who are not used to travelling and getting the negotiations done on the same day. In a world where commercial airlines have shrunk their route plans, offering fewer destinations and fewer time slots and restaurants are closed, efficiency becomes harder to attain. Now that hospitality facilities provide less availability, the highest priority becomes ensuring travel efficiency.

So, what’s left for business travellers? How can businesspeople apply the 7-38-55 rule of communication – stating that 7 per cent of meaning is communicated through spoken word, 39 per cent through tone of voice, and 55 per cent through body language (Mehrabian, 1971) – again? Is there space for business meetings happening outside of zoom in 2021? The answer is yes, and it is chartering an entry-level private jet charter.

Entry-level private jet charters offer a whole array of benefits nowadays. They focus on biosecurity and – if organised by an experienced private jet operator – they make sure that passengers are kept up-to-date with travel regulations frequently. Passengers will benefit from a dedicated travel plan and constant personal support in case of disruptions – forget about the long time spent on a hotline following the instructions of a registered message, to receive answers like “We don’t know madam, ask the Embassy”.

Private jet charters statistics are speaking for themselves

Because of the urgency of being efficient while travelling, people are becoming more time and cost-conscious, starting to question how they can practically make their journey, first of all, happen within a day and possibly most discretely and seamlessly. So, are private jet charters efficient?

Let us look at an example comparing business class vs private jet charters imagining a fictional journey from Paris to Kiel

Business Class vs Private Jet Charter

Four people (CEO + assistant, CFO, lawyer), Paris > Kiel: Negotiation meeting at 10:00 am



Business Class

Day before

17:40: Arrival Paris Charles DeGaulle

18:40: Departure from Paris

21:45 Arrival in Hamburg via Amsterdam

22:45 Check-in hotel

Meeting’s Day

08:00 Arrival train station Hamburg

08:15 Departure train Hamburg

09:30 Arrival in Kiel

10:00 Meeting

16:45 Finish

17:30 Departure train from Kiel

18:45 Arrival in Hamburg

19:00 Check-in Hotel Hamburg

Day After

06:40 Arrival Airport Hamburg

08:40 Departure Hamburg via Amsterdam

10:55 Arrival in Paris

Costs’ Breakdown (example):

– Flights: EUR 4.685

– Hotel: EUR 1.040

– Train: EUR 144

– Taxi: EUR 60

– Extra Time: EUR 2.750

– Sum: EUR 8.679

– Per Pax: EUR 2.170



Private Jet w/ GlobeAir

07:15 Arrival VIP Terminal Paris Le Bourget

07:30 Departure from Paris

09:30 Arrival in Kiel

10:00 Meeting

16:45 Finish

17:30 Departure from Kiel

19:30 Arrival in Paris

Costs’ Breakdown (example):

– Flight: EUR 7.600

– Driver: EUR 60

– Sum: EUR 7.660

– Per Pax: EUR 1.915


[/mks_col] with four business people (a CEO, his/her assistant, a CFO and a lawyer) travelling.



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