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How Authentic Accommodations are Fuelling the Curious Global Traveler

Ever dreamt of staying in a lodge to observe wildlife in its natural habitat? Or of spending a holiday in an idyllic country house to reconnect with nature? With research from Booking.com uncovering that almost one-fourth of global travelers (22%) plan to stay in one of the aforementioned types of accommodation in 2019, you are not the only one.

Booking.com, the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, conducted research and coupled it with a trop of its own data and insights to reveal what inspires travelers to look further than the familiar and leap into the unknown by selecting alternative places to stay for their next vacation.

Desire to be different

Vacations are an opportunity to break up your normal routine, to try something new and, sometimes, even let it change your outlook. So, it is no surprise that over one-third of global travelers (37%) plan to stay at least once in a unique accommodation like a castle or treehouse in 2019.

Yet, travelers do not only want to feel inspired themselves, they also strive to impress their friends. That is why many travelers are turning to alternative accommodation types as a way of expressing their individuality, with 26% of global travelers expressing that they like statement accommodation that is unique so they can seem like a trendsetter.

Live like a local

With 30% of global travelers planning to book a stay in a villa or holiday home in 2019, and an equal share of travelers (30%) saying they would book an apartment, these accommodation types can also offer an inspiring change of perspective.

It allows travelers to explore the local surroundings of their destination and embrace a home away from home. It gives them the opportunity to find hidden gems only locals would know about and almost half (49%) of global travelers agree that staying in a home-type accommodation lets them see areas of a city or parts of a country that they wouldn’t have explored otherwise.


Aside from allowing travelers to explore destinations like locals, alternative types of accommodation can also offer the opportunity of more affordable travel. And with so much of the world waiting to be discovered, this is one major incentive that almost half (45%) of global travelers agree with, stating that staying in a home-type accommodation allows them to feel that they are getting the most value for their money.

Olivier Grémillon, Vice President at Booking.com, explains: “We are seeing a clear trend among travelers to try unique types of accommodations and we understand that the perfect stay may look different for each of them. So, whether it’s an icy igloo, a cozy cabin or luxury villa you’re after – Booking.com offers more than 5.8 million instantly bookable homes, apartments and other unique places to stay to make sure that your next special experience is just a few clicks away.”

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