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Helsinki Airport Tripled the Number of EV Charging Stations

More and more travelers arriving at Helsinki Airport drive hybrid or electric cars and are looking for parking spots with charging infrastructure. Helsinki Airport has tripled the number of its charging stations and now has 95 parking spots for electric or hybrid cars located in parking area P3 Premium and P5.  

Passengers tend to leave their cars in the airport’s parking facilities for a relatively long time, at least for the whole day. New charging stations equipped with moderate and slow chargers perfectly suit longer parking times,” says Jukka Isomäki, Director, Helsinki Airport. He is responsible for parking and land transport services at Helsinki Airport. 

200 charging stations in the new parking hall 

The new ninestorey high car park P1/P2 is being constructed in the immediate vicinity of terminal T2 and will be completed in the autumn of 2020.  

The new car park will have a total of 200 charging stations for electric vehicles. The first 140 stations will be ready as early as 2020 when the new parking house is opened. The rest of the 60 stations in area P1 will be installed in 2022 when the new Terminal 2 is opened.  

Finavia has ambitious environmental goals and works towards creating a sustainable airport business. The entire Finavia airport network reached carbon neutrality in 2019.Naturally, when developing the parking facilities, environmental issues are taken into consideration.   

Finavia will invest in more electric charging stations in the future. For example, our car park P3A’s new smart lighting will cut energy usage by up to 70 per cent. In addition, we will install solar panels on the southfacing side of the new car park P1/P2,” Isomäki enumerates. 

Check out where the electric charging stations are located in Helsinki Airport

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