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Ganja Friendly Resorts Reopening in Jamaica

Cannabis enthusiasts seem to be doing well despite the worry, fear, inconveniences, and isolation of the coronavirus quarantine. Dispensary sales are through the roof everywhere suggesting that, although suffering from cabin fever, weed lovers are not just doing well; they are also well medicated. But, as the economy re-opens, many weedsters will not just want to get out of the house, they may want to get away – for something fun and exciting. What better escape from months of lockdown than a few days at an exotic island getaway with clear blue skies, beautiful beaches, hypnotic music, friendly people, and great food? And, a destination that will also welcome, embrace, and celebrate your good friend and companion, Mary Jane! Welcome to Jamaica, Mon!

Our ganja friendly resorts in Jamaica are re-opening

For a few months now, hotels in Jamaica have had little to do but get ready for the restart of the local tourist economy. As GanjaVacations Founder & CEO, Norman L. Lawrence, has observed: “Our resorts are eager to get busy. They have been cleaning, re-training staff, and instituting the policies and procedures required for safe operations in the post-covid-19 era. They are ready and waiting and there is no reason for anyone to hesitate about planning a ganja vacation now. Even if their holiday plans are for later in the year or even into the next”.

Six reasons to consider booking a Jamaican ganja vacation now!

  1. Jamaican hotels are re-opening – with rigorous government mandated COVID-19 related protocols.
  2. The major airlines are returning.  Southwest and Delta have both recently announced plans to resume daily flights.
  3. Great deals! Resorts are holding prices for now, but rates are certain to increase later in the year towards the start of the “high season.”
  4. Reserve any of 420 exclusive vacation deals with a small REFUNDABLE deposit.
  5. Booking now guarantees your preferred dates. 
  6. Celebrate the liberation you need and deserve with an affordable and unique ganja vacation experience at one of our very friendly boutique resorts.4cann

Ganja friendly resorts offer an unmatched combination of safety, chic accommodations, native cultural experiences, and access to weed. 

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