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From the Office to Any “Office”: Digital Nomads Turn to Airbnb

Packing your belongings and taking up a nomadic lifestyle has been a dream for many for quite some time, and some have turned those dreams into realities using Airbnb to live in and work in different locations. Recently, with most workers significantly impacted by COVID-19, the desire and need to live and work anywhere has only grown among those who are able to do so. 

According to a recent Harris poll, 74 percent of Americans already working remotely would consider taking a “work-cation” where they live and work somewhere other than their home for an extended period of time. And, nearly half (46%) of those working remotely in the US say that they have already used Airbnb to find a remote working destination.

  • The volume of reviews by US guests mentioning “remote working” or “work remotely” since the start of the pandemic has nearly tripled from the same period last year.
  • The pets are coming, too. The number of amenities searched using the “allow pets” filter jumped 90% compared to last year. 

In terms of geographical trends, according to the same survey, digital nomads in the US are looking to coastal states as their ideal work-from-anywhere locations. When asked to pick anywhere to work in the US, 20 percent of those surveyed picked California, 15 percent picked New York, 13 percent picked Florida, 12 percent picked Texas, and 11 percent picked Hawaii.

In line with the changing ways people are working and traveling, Airbnb continues to be the platform-of-choice for digital nomads. We’re seeing a global increase in hosts offering longer-term and monthly stays, and more guests booking these types of stays all over the world. Today, more than 6 million active listings on Airbnb accept monthly stays, with more than half of them offering discounts for extended trips. On the guest side, we’ve seen bookings for monthly stays increase significantly in recent months. 

Just this week, to make it easier for digital nomads to find the stays they’re looking for, we updated the Airbnb homepage in most countries to highlight ways people can discover nearby stays to live, work, or just relax, and give their routines a new home.

For many, working from an office is a distant memory, and for some working from anywhere is a new-found freedom.

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