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French Bed Bugs Travel to Greece

In an unexpected twist of international tourism, a hotel along the celebrated Athens Riviera has been forced to close one of its wings due to a bed bugs. This peculiar turn of events, reportedly linked to the bedbug epidemic that has been plaguing Paris recently, has raised eyebrows and sparked concern within the hospitality industry.

According to the Greek Food and Tourism Workers Association, the culprit behind the bed bug invasion was identified as some guests, primarily hailing from France, who inadvertently introduced the unwelcome critters. The association’s president, Giorgos Hotzoglou, remarked, “It is obvious that some of our guests, mainly from France, carried the insects, and unfortunately, they also got stuck in the hotel.”

The presence of bed bugs was detected in the mattresses, which were subsequently incinerated to prevent further infestation. While the name of the affected hotel remains undisclosed, it was stressed that this issue is currently limited to a single establishment.

Replacing mattresses on a regular basis can pose a significant financial burden, particularly for smaller and mid-sized hotels, as the industry body emphasized.

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