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FLYBOSNIA to Launch Sarajevo – London Flight

FLYBOSNIA will have three flights per week with plans to increase it to a daily flight / seven times a week over the next 12 months. Flights start from Sarajevo International Airport and London Luton Airport start from September 24.

The flight service will be operated by a new generation Airbus A319-112 aircraft, providing seats for 150 passengers.

“I had a productive conversation with FLYBOSNIA CEO Mr. Tarik Bilalbegovic. We talked about reestablishing flights between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Kingdom. It will be good for tourism, business and strengthening ties between the two countries, “said British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Matthew Field. Sarajevo is the undiscovered tourist gem of Europe, a business bridge between East and West, and with a dramatic 23% + annual growth in the tourism sector, which is directly creating jobs in BiH.

“The great news is connecting Sarajevo and London, especially since it is done by a domestic company. It is extremely important for Sarajevo to build relationships and connections with true metropolises. I expect that this move will have direct positive economic consequences for Sarajevo and BiH. I congratulate the management and wish them success, ”said Sarajevo Mayor Mr. Abdulah Skaka.

FLYBOSNIA is currently flying to Riyadh, Jeddah, Bahrain, and Kuwait while regular flights to Rome and Paris are expected to open in the next 3 months. FLYBOSNIA has already transported 20,000 passengers and have plans for the next year for that number to be around 100,000 passengers, directly producing an economic boost to economic development through consumption and related VAT.

FLYBOSNIA flight crew are mostly made up out of BiH nationals whit somer of them returning to work in their home country as this is FLYBOSNIA is one of the main economic drivers of domestic airline development.

After 12 years, since British Airways has canceled its flight from London to Sarajevo, FLYBOSNIA, a young Bosnian company, is finally connecting Sarajevo to global financial and tourism centers of the world, such as London, Rome, and Paris.

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