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Five Prohibited Items Most Often Forgotten in Hand Luggage

This week, most schools have their mid-term, which many families use to have a holiday and travel. This, in turn, brings more passengers to Tallinn Airport and causes longer queues at security control during peak hours.
To pass through security control in a smooth and stress-free way, the G4S Estonia aviation security officers working at Tallinn Airport recommend reviewing the baggage rules before the flight – what are the prohibited items not allowed in your baggage.
The G4S aviation security officers highlight five prohibited items, about which passengers have the most questions and which are most often forgotten in hand luggage.

1. Liquids
Generally, people know that all kinds of liquids in hand luggage must fit in a 1-litre sealed plastic Minigrip bag. Often, however, people do not think that pastes and creams are classed as liquids. In addition to toothpaste and hair gel, any food that is not solid is also classified as liquid, such as pâté and liquid honey.
Tallinn Airport prohibits liquids in a single package larger than 100ml or similar capacity to be taken along on board a plane in hand luggage. This prohibition does not apply to medicines or special diet food.

2. Batteries
Batteries can only be packed in hand luggage, and within capacity limits. For example, for a portable power bank with a capacity more than 100Wh, the permission of the air carrier must be obtained before taking it on board. Power banks with a capacity exceeding 160Wh are strictly forbidden (except for the spare batteries of a wheelchair, which must be coordinated with the air carrier).
Most power banks that are used to charge the smartphones fall within the permitted capacity; however, you should always the information on the battery itself as to whether this is the case.
If the passenger packs the power bank into checked baggage, the person is often asked to reappear at security control. This, in turn, might mean that the baggage is not checked in on time.

3. Lighters
Hang luggage may contain one lighter. While Zippo-type lighters were previously prohibited, these are now permitted as well.

4. Nail file
Sharp-pointed and metal nail files are prohibited. Those that are not made of metal and that have no sharp edges may be freely packed in hand luggage.

5. Tools
Generally, people do not travel with a screwdriver or multi-tools. However, these are often forgotten in hand luggage, since people often use the same bag to carry all sorts of stuff. To avoid this, it is recommendable to check your bag or suitcase thoroughly before packing.

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