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Five Most Essential Camping Supplies

Are you camping die-hard? What never misses in your camping gear? Regardless of your love for a luxury stay in the backcountry. Or if you are a minimalist backpacker going for a hike in the woods. You must ensure that you have your entire essential camping supplies at all times. They’ll keep you safe, respond fast to any danger, and help you find your way back to safety in no time. So, what are the five most essential camping supplies every camper ought to have? Here is a quick list.

  1. A Basic Tent or Sleeping Bag

Now, a camper will tell you that they can sleep anywhere. But, the truth is, our bodies struggle to cope with the harsh environment. You may get away with a couple of days out in the cold or harsh sun. But beyond that, you’ll start to cough, have sunburn, or develop other ailments related to bad weather. Hence, ensure you have at least a sleeping bag or a basic tent in the back of your truck. It will protect you from snow, rain, strong winds, and the hot sun.

  1. First Aid kit

The thrill of a camping experience is bringing out our wild side, to be in touch with Mother Nature. It’s a recipe for bruises, cuts, and sometimes accidents. For example, a walk in the long grass can result in nasty pricks or even a snake bite. And, unless you carry an insect repellent, be ready for many insect bites as you sleep under the moonlight. Hence, have your first aid kit as your first line of treatment before you get medical help. Ensure your first aid kit includes bandages, pain killers, a topical ointment, and an emergency whistle.

  1. A Water Bottle

You can survive several weeks without food, but a few days only without water. For most of our bodies comprise of water. A small imbalance due to dehydration can distort your mind. It can even make you start hallucinating. Hence, ensure you have water with you at all times. Use a camping water container to carry your water wherever you go.


  1. Survival Kit

As the name suggests, a survival kit contains all that you need to survive in the wild. This way, you’ll be ready for any unplanned delay or eventuality.  Hence, it includes a fire starter, a multitool, water purifier, high-calorie bars, and a flashlight. You can opt to buy a commercially assembled survival kit that can have up to 50 items, or buy each item separately.

  1. Navigation Tool

Finally, always carry a map or a navigation tool with you. For example, use a reliable map when you go searching for the markings on your new hiking trail. Ensure you have a physical map alongside your navigation apps on your phone or gadgets. That way, you won’t have problems when you enter an area with a weak signal.

Remember, as a camper, you can improvise or make use of what you have to survive any harsh conditions. At least one member of the group must carry these five essential camping supplies.  Also choose items that are light and portable. So, you can have ample space for your other luxury items.

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