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FIVE Hotels to Use LED Light Jets for Their Guests

Being a good host is something you want to do, especially for people that you care about. And that’s also true for business, not to mention for hotels and similar businesses. For sure, FIVE Hotels understands a thing or two about this as they will be offering flights to their clients in 2023.

ACJ220, a luxury jet plane

Around a year ago, in October 2020, Airbus revealed the ACJ220 business jet to the world and it was recently announced that a luxury hotel based in Dubai will be giving their guests a VIP experience by using their business jet which will be called 9H-FIVE.

This jet has the same features a regular one has, but it comes with additional perks:

  • Can accommodate up to 16 persons.
  • Disposes a dinner table for 8.
  • Has a big suite with a shower.
  • Uses dreamliner windows.
  • Offers a very efficient internet connection.
  • Includes two big screens.
  • Benefits from LED lights, like the ones you can find on Lepro.
  • A kitchen.

And all of these will be available for those staying in one of their two operational hotels.

FIVE Hotels and its jet service

As Kabir Mulchandani envisioned it, guests can take a seat in the 9H-FIVE for a small trip to Europe and get back to Dubai later on. For this to happen, Comlux Aviation and FIVE Hotels partnered together to delight the jet’s crew with the best service in the market.

While the Comlux Aviation team will be operating the jet, two attendants from FIVE Hotels will be assisting their clients. But there are more features Mulchandani wants to add for their guests, like:

  • Multi-use spaces for different purposes.
  • Coffee tables convertible into dining ones.
  • Dancefloors animated by DJs.
  • Unique food made by renowned chefs.

However, the final services are yet to be seen as this service will be hitting the market in 2023. Anyway, one thing is sure: the hotel CEO wants to create a party atmosphere here using LED lights.

LED lights, a sign of quality and good customer service

Simply put, LED lights are the most efficient and reliable source of light we have so far. The benefits it offers outweigh those from other types of bulbs and it appears Mulchandani is aware of that.

Apart from white ones, some spaces will be illuminated with colored led lights to imbue the room with a festive motive. Take a look at lepro.com for more information. What are those benefits anyway? Some of them are:

  • Longevity. Last longer.
  • Energy. Optimized energy use.
  • Applications. Very versatile, can be used in different ways.
  • Colors. A wide range of colors to use from red to blue.

No doubt FIVE Hotels is leading the market with this service as they are the first known customer buying an ACJ220 jet. Are we going to see a world where high-luxury hotels offer flight services? Only time will tell, but for now, let’s wait for 2023 to see how people like the 9H-FIVE experience. If you had a chance, would you use this type of service?

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