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Red-eye Flight

Finnair Unveils New Business Class

Finnair’s all new Business Class cabin, rolling out across our entire long haul fleet throughout 2022 and 2023, is a true game changer. With an incredible seat, gorgeous Nordic design and food inspired by our roots as well as our destinations, it’s set to be the ultimate way to travel between Europe, the USA and Asia. Here are five reasons why you should book a ticket now and get set to take to the skies.

Our all new Air Lounge Seat

It’s the first thing you’ll notice when you board. Our new Air Lounge seat is a spectacular piece of Nordic furniture, designed in collaboration with Collins Aerospace. The result is like nothing else in the air – a scooped, fix shell seat that doesn’t recline, but rather offers a number of ways to sit, whether cross legged while reading, upright when working or kicking back with your feet up while enjoying the best our updated in-flight entertainment system has to offer. And you can, of course, lie flat and get some sleep as we fly you to your destination.

A stunning menu

Rather than a traditional three course menu, Finnair Kitchen has developed a new concept that gives you greater choice over what you eat while in the sky. The service is more relaxed, with six courses and more plates to choose from, with the main meal served after take off and a lighter option available just ahead of arrival. Nordic and Asian influences were key in designing the menu, so you can expect the very best ingredients and dishes ranging from smoked salmon, pea puree and mussel sauce to vegan laksa, a nod to our South East Asian destinations.

Nordic design touches

Bringing together the best Finland has to offer is what sets Finnair’s new Business Class apart. So as well as a chair that taps into Nordic furniture design and a menu inspired by the delicious ingredients for which our homeland is famous, there are design touches throughout the cabin that give it a truly Finnish feel. Iconic brand Marimekko has crafted the textiles, with vintage designs by Maija Isola. A new Business Class social space, with clean, functional lines, plus the welcoming entrance area, have both been built with Nordic heritage in mind.

New look in flight entertainment

Making sure you’re entertained while relaxing in your Air Lounge seat is a vital part of what we do. The in-flight entertainment system has been redesigned, with a new 18-inch display ensuring you’ll be fully immersed in the latest movies and TV shows we have on offer. What’s more, the new, darker tones of the intuitive user interface are more relaxing and easier on the eye, ideal for those who are searching for something to watch during the night. With USB-C connectivity and PC power, plus a flexible table set up, those who want to work are also well catered for.

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