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Finnair to Remove Carry-on Baggage to Cargo

When the weather gets colder, and many are travelling with winter coats and in general more baggage, the limited space for carry-on baggage onboard our aircraft tends to fill up or even run out entirely.

csm A350 XWB FINNAIR FIRST FLIGHT 03 d7c3b56a1dFor your comfort and more space in the cabin, we encourage everyone to pack carry-on baggage light and tight, or check in the baggage. If there is too much carry-on baggage onboard, our crew needs to remove the baggage to the cargo hold and it may even delay the flight.

We will test actively removing carry-on baggage to cargo hold before certain fuller flights departing from Helsinki to Amsterdam, Stockholm, Paris, Copenhagen and Oulu between Nov 28 and Dec 19. During the test our ground crew will actively remove carry-on baggage before boarding both in check-in counters and at the gate. The test is done to collect feedback on how removing carry-on baggage affects customer experience and fluency of the boarding process. Baggage may be removed, even though it is within the allowance – the goal is to reduce the total amount of carry-on baggage in the cabin. During the test period, carry-on baggage will be removed free of charge.

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