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Enterprise Expands Car Club At New Southampton City Dock Branch

Enterprise is expanding its 24/7 car club service in Southampton with two new vehicles located at its new Southampton City Dock branch, opposite the railway station.

Due to the branch’s convenient location at one of the city’s transport hubs, the two new vehicles – a Ford Transit van and a Toyota Yaris hybrid car – will enable inbound business and leisure travellers using the ferry from the Isle of Wight or coming from other parts of the country by rail, to travel on to their final destination.

Travellers who need a vehicle for longer can also pick up a daily rental vehicle from the same location, ensuring that they get the best option for each specific trip. They can choose from a wide range of cars and vans located at the branch.

Southampton City Council has already signed up more than 50 staff as Enterprise Car Club members, as well as renting vehicles on a daily basis for longer business trips. “Using car club and daily rental is very convenient for our employees and it’s easy to administer as there are no expense claims to process,” said Leon Girling, Southampton City Council’s workplace travel plan officer.

“We can see exactly who has travelled where and how much each trip has cost us. The vehicles are easily booked, and if we need to make a longer trip, we can switch to a daily rental vehicle. The fact that we can access vans and hybrids makes this a really flexible and environmentally-friendly solution, which is an important factor for the council.”

Enterprise Car Club is one of the most convenient ways to get motoring quickly. Employees can sign up and be driving within a few hours, booking and accessing the vehicle with a smartphone app. As a result, the service has already proved very popular with businesses, residents and travellers into Southampton. It is especially useful for those travelling to and from the Isle of Wight, as members can also make the crossing on foot and pick up a car club vehicle for their onward journey on the other side.

Enterprise is one of the largest car rental and car club companies in Southampton, with seven branches including Southampton Airport. Enterprise Car Club has six car club vehicles around the city, conveniently located by the town hall, the Red Jet terminals, and now also at the railway station.

Enterprise’s wider car club network along the South Coast includes vehicles at the Enterprise branch in Portsmouth as well as on the Isle of Wight. This forms part of a much larger national network of 1,100 on-street vehicles available for rent 24/7, 365 days of the year, in over 130 cities and communities across the UK. Many Enterprise Car Club vehicles are located at transport hubs or railway stations to make it easier to travel around the UK using public transport.

Enterprise Car Club membership is available to drivers 19 years or older and costs from £60 per year. Vehicles are available from £4.95 per hour including VAT and 21 pence per mile. In addition to the vehicles located at the Southampton branch, membership to Enterprise Car Club allows access to a growing network of more than 1100 vehicles in 130 cities and communities nationwide and at key transport hubs including many railway stations.

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