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EcoPure Waters Partners With its 700th Hospitality Company

This year, EcoPure Waters partnered with its 700th hospitality company, a landmark number for the eco-friendly water filtration and reusable glass bottle company.

EcoPure Waters has now teamed up with more than 700 hotels, restaurants, retirement villages, bars, clubs, and other luxury hospitality venues looking to offer their clients, guests, and employees the upmost quality in sustainably sourced pure, chilled, still and sparkling water.

“We are delighted to have reached this milestone in 2022”, said Paul Proctor, Managing Director of EcoPure Waters. “As well as supporting a record number of hospitality venues, EcoPure Waters has also started supplying new sectors in the hospitality industry, and new regions across both Europe (including Italy and Montenegro) and internationally. 2022 has been an exciting time of growth for us – our international orders alone are up by 30 percent since last year.

“Toward the start of the year, we launched our #20MillionSaved campaign, celebrating our ongoing collaboration with our UK partners, which has prevented over 20 million plastic bottles from ending up in oceans and landfill in the last decade. In July, we had the privilege of launching our new website, www.ecopurewaters.com. And just last month, we had the pleasure of unveiling our latest water system, EcoPure Blu Glass, to the world.

“Our growth this year suggests the hospitality industry is looking for ways to counteract rising food, drink, and energy prices without compromising on quality. Looking ahead to 2023, we are committed to supporting our clients with our cost-efficient, eco-friendly solution to water provision and excellent customer care package. We will do all we can to help our clients navigate the challenges of the current economic climate”.

EcoPure Waters has been manufacturing, supplying, and maintaining market-leading water purification systems and custom-branded glass bottles for over 30 years, helping over 700 clients worldwide reduce their environmental impact, save money, and create powerful branding opportunities. To find out more about EcoPure Waters, please visit www.ecopurewaters.com.

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