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Drinking Fountain with Low-Alcohol Drink Will Be Built in Bulgaria

A drinking fountain with boza, a traditional low-alcohol (about 1%) drink, will be built in Radomir (Bulgaria). Boza is drunk in the Balkans and Turkey; it is prepared from a mixture of rye and wheat, water and sugar.

Boza in the drinking fountain in Radomir will be free of charge. You can also take home a whole liter of the drink (a separate tap will be made for this), but you will have to pay 50 euro cents for this.

A bose fountain will be installed in the city center along with a tourist information board.

Municipality of Radomir wants to make the fountain become a local landmark, reflecting the traditions of the city. Boza production is a traditional occupation for the residents of Radomir; there is even a monument in honor of the producers of the drink in the city.

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