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Deutsche Bahn Introduces Two-Person Compartments for ICE

German trains will soon introduce two-person compartments. Currently, most intercity express (ICE) trains in Germany consist of open-plan seating or six-seat compartments.

Deutsche Bahn has introduced new closed two-person compartments measuring 2 meters in length and 70 centimeters in width, as reported by BILD. An online poll has been launched on the BILD website to determine their name. Among 11 options, “Privat-Room” (Private Room), “Kuschel-Kammer” (Snuggle Room), and “Anti-Nerv-Abteil” (Anti-Stress Compartment) are currently leading the vote.

“We are currently developing new compartment concepts for ICE trains on a 1:1 basis. They will enable private and confidential conversations in a calm environment. Currently, we are testing such compartments with groups of passengers,” explained Michael Petersen, a member of the Deutsche Bahn board. The company has not yet provided specific timelines for the introduction of the new compartments or their official name.

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