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Costa Cruises Introduces Urban Nordic Walking Tours

 Always focused on bringing its guests unique experiences and memorable times, Costa Cruises has introduced a new activity to expand its offer: Urban Nordic Walking, one of the few sports activities suited to everyone, which can be practiced everywhere.

Until September 29, anyone booking a one-week Mediterranean cruise on Costa Fascinosa will have the opportunity to take part in 5 exciting excursions entirely dedicated to “Nordic walking” in the cities of Naples, Palermo, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona, to  discover these incredible destinations from a different point of view.


Guests traveling aboard Costa Fascinosa now have a chance to enjoy this special activity as part of their cruise, helping them to restore their physical and mental balance. Following the instructions given by qualified Costa Cruises staff, they will gradually learn to make correct use of the poles and adopt the correct posture and biomechanical approach to the walk, quickly mastering the movements. Each participant will be supplied with professional poles, plus a tasty snack and energy drink, so they can truly enjoy the excursion.

In addition to guaranteeing health benefits, the urban trekking excursions made available by the Italian company are a new way to practice responsible and sustainable tourism, including pleasant walks and exciting trails, discovering unmissable natural wonders, majestic cities of art and breathtaking views.

After leaving the port of Savona, Costa Fascinosa will in fact sail to five destinations that provide this special opportunity:

  • Naples – starting from the picturesque harbor, the walk leads to Porta San Gennaro, the oldest gate to the Vesuvian city, and continues into the Borgo dei Vergini district, famous for its many fabulous and symbolic Neapolitan Baroque monuments. Passing through the Rione Sanità area, founded in the 16th century, the tour ends at the verdant Royal Wood of Capodimonte.
  • Palermo – walking along the city’s narrow streets, among the colorful stalls of the Vucciria market, you’ll pass by the marble sculpture of the Genius of Palermo at the Garraffo, continuing to the Quattro Canti. The third and fourth stops along the route are Palazzo Pretorio and the church of Saint Catherine, with its stunning late Renaissance style façade. After walking through the Kalsa quarter, you’ll enter the wonderful gardens of Villa Giulia and then end the excursion walking along the Cala, an arched seafront promenade that surrounds to the most ancient port of Palermo.
  • Ibiza – the “Nordic” walk starts on the north side of the port, crossing the exclusive Botafoc Marina to reach Talamanca and its marvellously white sand. Walking along the beach, you’ll reach Cap Martinet, along slightly steep paths, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view. The last stop is Cala Tranquila, the perfect destination for anyone wanting to relax away from the crowd;
  • Palma de Mallorca – having reached the starting point, a brisk 3-kilometer walk leads up to Bellver Castle, 112 meters above sea level, one of the greatest examples of Gothic civil architecture in Majorca. After following the circular path around the castle, it’s back down to sea level, passing through the green areas of the city and finishing in the heart of the historic center.

Barcelona – starting from the Grec Gardens, the tour climbs up the Montjuïc hill, which stands 177 meters high and offers a wonderful view of Barcelona. Passing through Plaza de España, the tour continues along the most beautiful streets of the city, finally reaching the splendid Mirador del Alcalde viewpoint.


  • There are very few sporting activities that can boast the same features as Urban Nordic Walking, a complete, healthy and natural activity suitable for everyone: children, young people and the elderly.
  • The activity does not require any particular athletic preparation and offers great benefits: it is effective for weight loss and posture and promotes blood and respiratory circulation. Furthermore, its benefits are felt in all the body’s functions, guaranteeing the greater effectiveness of all its systems.
  • Finally, an added value is its inseparable link with nature and the surrounding environment: Urban Nordic Walking allows physical exercise and the benefits of Nordic walking to be combined with a curiosity to visit and to learn about the history, art and culture of the area, accompanied by an expert tour guide. It therefore allows you to discover new urban routes with less effort and greater satisfaction, making all its enthusiasts experience the charm of discovery.
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