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Copenhagen Airport Is the Most Efficient Airport in Europe

The leading academic company in the aviation sector, the independent Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), heads the selection process in which Copenhagen Airport won the title for airports with more than 25 to 40 million passengers.

“It doesn’t matter how many times we receive this award, I am equally proud every time. I would like to dedicate this award to our staff, and the airlines and companies who operate in the airport on a daily basis”, says Kristian Durhuus, Chief Operating Officer at Copenhagen Airport, and continues: 

“The award means that we are the airport in Europe where travellers pass through the airport most quickly and most smoothly. We are also recognised for how well we keep this whole complex machine running, in terms of productivity, costs and efficiency. We wouldn’t be able to do that without our many skilled colleagues and business partners”, says the Chief Operating Officer.

Every year, ATRS assesses the productivity, costs and efficiency of about 200 airports worldwide. The assessment is made by ATRS – a group of leading international scientists and aviation experts.

Focus on Future Solutions
Being awarded the title of Europe’s most efficient airport 14 times in 16 years, is not something that just happens. It requires focus and innovation.

“Everyone working at the Airport knows that travellers are our guests. And our chief task is to make their visit as enjoyable as possible. We have a high satisfaction rate among our guests. They particularly appreciate our ability to lead the way when it comes to implementing digital self-service solutions”, says Kristian Durhuus.

Being a leader in an area requires constant innovation and a focus on future solutions.

“The airport of tomorrow must offer better experiences for our guests and sustain our high level, in terms of being an attractive airport for airlines, so we can offer our guests a springboard to the rest of the world. We have also drawn up a new climate strategy, in which we take responsibility for creating real, future-proof solutions to the climate challenges that the aviation industry is facing. That’s why we constantly consider how to improve, so CPH can continue to be an absolutely top-notch airport”, says Kristian Durhuus.

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