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Bottega Opens at Grand Hotel Savoia

The Grand Hotel Savoia in Cortina d’Ampezzo, which is part of the exclusive Radisson Collection hotel selection, is a 5-star facility of great charm, made unique by the breath-taking panoramic view over the Ampezzo Dolomites.

In this elegant and refined setting, Bottega has customized the large terrace, where they celebrate the ritual of the aperitif or lunch, admiring the profile of the most spectacular mountains in the Alps.

The logo of the Treviso-based winery and distillery characterizes the counter, where the barmen prepare signature cocktails and serve glasses of Prosecco Gold or other sparkling wines from the Bottega collection. The assortment includes Gin Bacur, white and barrique grappas, Limoncino and cream-based liqueurs, to satisfy the taste of every consumer.

The presence on the terrace of the Grand Hotel Savoia, one month after the inauguration of the Bottega space at the Bokan hotel in London, enriches the range of exclusive locations that in Italy and in the world have chosen to collaborate with the winery and distillery from Bibano di Godega (TV).


The Bottega company, led by Barbara, Sandro, and Stefano Bottega, is both a winery and a distillery. Founded in 1977 by Aldo Bottega with the name Distilleria Bottega, the company is based in Bibano di Godega (TV), 50 km north of Venice, where it produces grappas, wines, and liqueurs for the high and medium-high market.

Among the grappas, sold under the Alexander and Bottega brands, stand out the fine selections of single-grape varieties and distillates aged in barriques.

The range of Bottega wines features Prosecco, including the well-known Bottega Gold, and other sparkling wines of great character. In two direct management wineries, in Valpolicella and Montalcino, the company produces Amarone, Ripasso, Brunello di Montalcino, and other great reds. The Bottega offer is completed by the Creams & Liquors line, which features an extensive range of fruit liqueurs and creams, including Limoncino, Gianduia, and Pistacchio. The Bottega company distributes its products in 150 countries around the world.

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