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empire state building new york

Best Tourist Attractions in the World

Experts at the popular travel platform TripAdvisor analyzed user reviews for this year and unveiled a list of the top global landmarks. While most attractions on the list are located in Europe, the Empire State Building in New York City was voted the best tourist attraction in 2024.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions according to TripAdvisor:

  1. Empire State Building (New York City, USA)
  2. Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)
  3. Anne Frank House (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  4. Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)
  5. Crystal Caves (Cayman Islands)
  6. Colosseum (Rome, Italy)
  7. Louvre Museum (Paris, France)
  8. Gardens by the Bay (Singapore)
  9. Milan Cathedral (Milan, Italy)
  10. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Interestingly, compared to the 2023 rankings, the Crystal Caves in the Cayman Islands and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi have made their way into the top 10.

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