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Best Cities to Move to for Remote Working

A new study by CIA Landlord has revealed the best cities to move post-lockdown to save on expenses while still earning your current salary and living abroad in a similar time zone, either permanently or temporarily!

In this study, CIA Landlord has revealed the top international locations to move to post lockdown to save on expenses while still earning your current salary and living abroad in a similar time zone, either permanently or temporarily.

Despite its close time difference (GMT +1) and cheap transportation cost (£1.80), Monaco is officially the worst city to relocate to for remote working. With extortionate average rent costs of £3,499 and high average takeaway costs of £25, this city does not come cheap making it the worst option for digital employees.

What the top 10 worst cities highlight about working remotely is that no matter how much you might love going on holiday in a city, living there remotely takes into account a lot more costs factors you might have not considered before. With popular cities including Amsterdam and Copenhagen making the list despite having high annual tourist numbers of over 8 million and 12 million respectively, high rent prices and living costs make it inconceivable to relocate to for remote work no matter how many attractions or cheap flights there may be.

Considering Moving Abroad to Work Remotely Once Travel Restrictions Ease? Here Are Top Tips:

For the first time in our lives thousands of Brits have not only the urge but the ability to work remotely once travel restrictions ease. Now that more and more companies are adopting remote working policies, Brits, and Londoners in particular, have many wondering why they’re cooped up and paying an extortionate price on rent and food when they could be saving and living somewhere with more space and freedom.

Firstly before you dive into considering your options to move abroad, it’s important to take into account the following tips:

·         Ensure you do your research into visas that are available post-lockdown

If you’re lucky enough to have a company that will let you work abroad permanently – before you consider moving anywhere, it’s important to do your research on the visas and taxes that may be applicable to you when you’re in another country. For example, Barbados has recently announced that it’s giving out 12 month visas allowing for anyone to come to remote work from its islands.

·         Choose a city that caters to your most important needs

Cost of living is a huge factor to consider if you’re looking to save on the prices of living in the UK – however it’s important to ensure that you’re also researching other factors such as things to do or places to visit when you get there. The worst thing you’d want to do is relocate for the sake of saving money!

·         Consider lifestyle factors like climate, ease of returning ‘home’ and even insurance

Other factors that may not be as obvious such as the weather, landlord insurance or how far you are away from a flight home are just as important to consider as cost of living. It’s important to note that while you may be saving money, you may not be happy with the location as a whole so make sure you put in a lot of thought to the locations you’re considering!

Top 10 BEST Cities to Move to for Remote Working:

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Top 10 WORST Cities to Move to for Remote Working

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