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Belavia to Introduce Three New Routes

Belavia-Belarusian Airlines has changed to the summer schedule since March 31, 2019. JSC Belavia-Belarusian Airlines is introducing a new air traffic schedule as a part of IATA Summer 2019 Season from March 31, 2019 to October 26, 2019.

In the summer season, it is planned to continue winter schedule flights to Voronezh with a frequency of 4 flights a week, as well as to Chisinau, however, it should be noted that flights to the capital of Moldova will be operated daily.

In comparison with Summer 2018 Season the airline is planning to increase the number of flights to Barcelona, Riga, Sochi, Istanbul to 6 flights a week, and to Almaty, Baku and Berlin – to 5 flights a week. Flights to Karaganda and Pavlodar will be operated 2 times a week, and to Yerevan – 3 times a week. With a beginning of a new summer season flights to Budapest and Krasnodar will increase to 4 times a week, and to Paris – to 11 times a week. For the convenience of passengers during the holiday period, there will be up to 5 flights a week to Larnaca, up to 7 flights a week to Tel Aviv except Saturdays, and there will be 2 flights a day on Thursdays.

“An increase in the frequency of regular flights has resulted from the thorough analysis of passenger flow and the growing demand for direct air travel from Minsk and to Minsk, as well as for flights on the routes where Minsk is a convenient transit point. In addition, on May 30, 2019 the airline is opening a new regular route Minsk-Tallinn-Minsk with a frequency of 4 flights a week (on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays), and on April 22 we will start operating regular flights to Sheremetyevo Airport twice a day. The planned measures will allow to meet the passenger demand for air travel and expand the airline’s transit opportunities. The airline continues to explore options for opening new regular routes.

Maintaining a high level of flight safety and increasing the level of service traditionally remain the main priorities of the airline in the upcoming season. One of the basic lines of development is also fleet modernization”, said Anatoly Gusarov, Director General of Belavia-Belarusian Airlines.

For the summer season, it is planned to open new charter destinations with departure from Minsk along the following routes: Chania (Greece), Lamezia Terme (Italy), and the resumption of flights to Enfidha (Tunisia) after a long break.

As for new charter programs from the regional airports of the republic, Belavia is planning to open flights from Brest, Grodno and Mogilev to Enfidha, as well as from Gomel to Monastir (Tunisia).

In total, it is planned to increase the frequency for 15 destinations in the summer season. Furthermore, 2 new routes will appear. The number of charter flights will increase by more than 15%.

Please note that from the beginning of 2019, the airline introduced a new stopover service for transit passengers.

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