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Beautiful Balearic Beaches

Nestled in the stunning Mediterranean Sea the Balearic Isles offers sun seekers a paradise in terms of beaches to relax on.

We will look at just a small sample of what each of the 4 major islands in this beautiful archipelago offer and finish off with one way that you and your party can experience the true pleasure of remote beaches and hidden coves that many will miss.


The largest of the 4 islands, Mallorca offers far more than simply a beach holiday. The capital city of Palma De Mallorca offers modern amenities, shopping malls, fresh food markets and an old town area that is both atmospheric and interesting.

While here, a ‘must visit’ is the landmark La Seu. This highly impressive Gothic cathedral is without a doubt the stand-out feature of a very inviting city.

Best beaches:

This is certainly a tough one because Mallorca offers a total of 262 beaches with a total length of 31 miles (50km)!

But, to whet your appetite here are 3 which really are worth a day’s excursion:

  • Calla Agulla: Located in the municipality of Capdepera, Calla Agulla is around 50 miles (80km) from Palma which makes it perfectly accessible for a day trip. The enticing light blue waters are surrounded by Pine trees and mountains making it the perfect place to relax, swim and, for the more energetic indulge in marine sports.
  • Formentor: You will find a picturesque narrow beach once again lined with Pine trees on the Formentor peninsula. While swimming in the inviting waters or simply relaxing you will have stunning views across the Bay of Pollensa.
  • Puerto Pollensa: The long, sandy beach of Puerto Pollensa has inspired painters and poets throughout history. It offers a shady promenade and the waters slope gently in depth making it ideal for water sport activities. Indeed, some will argue it is the best wind-surfing location on the island, while the extensive Playa de Llenaire is considered by many to be one of the best beaches on Mallorca
  • Yacht charter: This is the perfect place for a Yacht charter in Mallorca. Your family or a group can literally charter a yacht and sail around the island to take in all the beauty it has to offer.


What Mallorca’s little sister lacks in nightlife (purposely!) it more than makes up for in beaches. To reinforce this, it only needs to be understood that the island has around 134 miles (216km) of coastline, so beach aficionados are certainly not short of choice!

We offer a selection that are worthy of a visit, but rest assured, there are many, many more which will delight.

  • Cala Turqueta: One of the most famous beaches on Menorca, Cala Turqueta lies around 6 miles (10km) from Ciutadella. The beach sits in a virtually untouched cove. A word of warning; due to its stunning beauty the area can become quite busy as the day goes on. This means early-bird visitors will reap rewards.
  • Son Bau: Those holidaymakers with children as well as those looking for excellent amenities should head to Son Bau. It is around 12 miles (20km) from Mao (Mahon) and is the longest beach on the island. Restaurants, bars, shopping and water-sport options are yours all in one place.
  • Cala Pregonda, Cala Cavalleria & Cala del Pilar: These 3 beaches are in the north of the island and a little effort in terms of walking is required to reach them, but that effort will be more than rewarded with stretches of sand that offer a superb red glow to them. All are set in a unique, natural landscape and you should have little trouble finding a quiet spot in which to relax.


While many may assume Ibiza is only for nightlife and partying, they would be greatly mistaken. The ‘White Isle’ has some of the best beaches in the Balearic chain. The choice really is wide and varied. Here’s a small sample of those which will surely be appreciated.

  • Cala Jondal: If celebrity spotting is your thing then look no further than this stunning small cove. Home to the world-famous Blue Marlin beach club you are likely to see stars from the entertainment and sports worlds chilling in perfectly chilled surroundings! Superb cocktails and excellent food can be enjoyed while admiring the lush hills and countryside that surrounds the bay’s crystal-clear waters.
  • Las Selinas (also known as Ses Salines): This beach consistently rates as one of the most attractive beaches in the world! As part of a natural park bearing the same name it really is a ‘must visit’. You will bask on an idyllic stretch of beach and dip in and out of the calm, wave-less water while taking in stunning inland views of the surrounding countryside. What is more, a selection of hip beach bars ensures your day is one of perfect relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Cala Benirras: Those in the mood for some very laid-back weekend entertainment should head to Cala Benirras. Every Sunday sees local musicians setting up and playing throughout the day. As you make those tough decisions between whether to sunbathe or swim, the atmosphere builds. Those in search of one of the best party beaches on Ibiza will find Cala Benirras hard to beat.


The fact that Formentera is the smallest of the Balearics and the least visited should not detract from the stunning beaches to be found there.

It really is no exaggeration to state that the beaches of Formentera rival those of the Caribbean! Here are just 3 of a wide choice that will certainly float your boat in terms of surroundings, relaxation and enjoyment:

  • Platja Migjorn: Almost 4.5 miles (7km) in length this long, crescent-shaped sandy bay stretches along the island’s south coast and is dotted by small coves, inlets and outcrops. While you will see some development along this area there is still more than sufficient space to find your own private space even in the height of summer.
  • Cala Saona: Pristine sandy beach, shallow shores and trademark crystal-clear waters surrounded by high cliffs make this natural bay a must visit for families. Cala Saona sits on the island’s west coast, and the more energetic who opt for a hike up Punta Rasa will be rewarded with breathtaking views.
  • Ses Illetes: Those heading for the islands north coast will come upon one of the most fabulous beaches Formentera has to offer. This long, thin sandy stretch of beach retains its charm thanks to very little development. While appreciating your surroundings you will find a few small, stylish restaurants and beach bars but little else.

How to see a wider variety of beaches:

The choice of Balearic beaches is so wide and varied that finding the atmosphere and facilities (or lack of them!) that you and your party want can be perplexing. One way to ensure you get a feel for what is on offer is to charter a luxury yacht for a day or longer.

Not only will this be an experience to remember long after your holiday is over, it will also ensure you lay anchor at beaches and coves that are very difficult to get to or completely inaccessible from land. Such an option really is an ultra-relaxing holiday within a very laid-back holiday!


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