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Avani Hotels Introduce New Hygiene Measures

Today, Avani Hotels is rolling out new safety & hygiene measures based on scientific research across its portfolio codename AvaniSHIELD. Our team spent many hours researching and consulting with experts on how to provide safety and assurance for both our guests as well as our team members.

Prior to the outbreak, Avani Hotels has been working closely with Ecolab and will continue doing so to ensure that all materials and measures adhere to Ecolab, WHO and, for chemical treatment, EPA standards. In addition, Avani Hotels swiftly implemented health screening as well as stepping up in providing hand sanitizers in public areas.

All 32 Avani properties in 18 countries will adopt a range of heightened hygiene and sanitizing standards to ensure the safety of guests and associates, with the introduction of:

  • Contactless Service – starting from the new way we greet our guests without losing the human touch, to digital check-in that allows guest to collect key upon arrival as well as settling check-out billing via digital payment process and launching our very own guest service app.
  • New Safety & Hygiene Technology – we look at successful countries in combating the epidemic as well as hospitals as the new cleaning standards and have started to look at implementing new technology. Starting from anti-viral coating that has longer protection period, to Cu+ Copper film protection, as well as a range of UVC light technology, and HEPA-grade air purifiers where each bring on its own 99.99% effectiveness in removing bacterial or virus property. In addition, at the front office and behind the scenes, the team will be employing a range of UVC cleaning device to strelize items such as key cards, stationaries and other often touched items.
  • The Extra Miles for our Guests & Associates: we will be employing a dedicated AvaniSHIELD Agent whom will be responsible to implement the new safety & hygiene protocols, as well as update team members and keeping in contact with health authorities on the latest update. After cleaning, each guest room will be sealed for 24 hours – a resting period during which time the housekeeping team cannot enter and a waiting period until the next guest can check in. In addition, we will also be re-screening all of our third party partners, transport or tour service and suppliers to ensure they meet the new standard for Avani’s Trusted Partner Programme.


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