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Au Pair in Norway

Au Pair in Norway Program Closes for Third-Country Nationals Starting March 15

Norway terminates its au pair scheme for third-country nationals starting March 15. Existing permit holders can renew until the end of their two-year term, but new applications are no longer accepted, announced by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. The decision aims to protect workers’ rights and align wages with Norway’s labor standards.

Norway has taken a definitive step by terminating its au pair scheme for third-country nationals, effective March 15 this year. This move opens the door for au pairs and interns from countries within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The decision to abolish the au pair scheme did not come overnight. It has been under consideration for some time. The government has clarified that the au pair scheme’s original intent as a cultural exchange program has been overshadowed by its transformation into a loophole for securing unskilled cheap labor.

Current Au Pair in Norway

The clock is ticking for those currently in Norway on an au pair permit. Existing permit holders are allowed to renew their permits until the culmination of their two-year term. This decision introduces a layer of uncertainty, especially for those in their au pair tenure, as traveling in and out of Norway could become fraught with difficulties due to the absence of a valid residence card.

Au pair in Norway had 5,900 kroner monthly compensation plus board and lodging. It is a stark contrast with the average monthly salary in Norway standing at 56,360 kroner.

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