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Astana Airport to Introduce Face ID Technology

Astana Airport signed a document on cooperation with the Swiss company SITA (Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques), which involves introducing Face ID technology.

The agreement provides for the implementation of the SITA Airport Management system, which helps to improve the forecasting of production processes and control over the work of airport services, as well as to optimize aircraft maintenance operations and the allocation of material and labor resources.

With SITA Airport Management, airports are achieving a 15-20% reduction in operating costs and a noticeable decrease in unnecessary reasons for flight delays.

For the convenience of passengers, SITA is ready to provide a system for the smooth passage of checkpoints at the airport. Its work is based on facial biometric data recognition technology. Using Face ID instead of a boarding pass will speed up the journey from check-in to boarding a flight, as well as increase the level of comfort and safety of passengers, as the number of contacts with terminal employees will be reduced.

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