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Americans’ Travel Bucket Lists Revealed

Love Home Swap, one of the world’s leading home exchange programs, is releasing results from its Travel Bucket List Survey+ of 1,000 Americans. The survey uncovers U.S. consumers’ travel aspirations and the barriers that stand in their way.

According to Love Home Swap’s Travel Bucket List Survey, 77% of Americans have a travel bucket list, but only 3% have actually visited all the destinations on their list. There are a variety of reasons they cite for not making the trips, but overwhelmingly, the top barrier (85%) is cost.

What are those travel bucket list destinations on people’s minds? The top five emerging international hotspots that Americans are interested in visiting include Japan (55%), Finland (34%), Thailand (34%), Portugal (28%) and Argentina(26%). While these places can be pricey to travel to, home swapping can be an ideal alternative to help travelers who otherwise might not be able to cross a dream destination off their bucket list.

High-res images of properties in the most-desired destinations can be found here.

Love Home Swap’s Travel Bucket List Survey Results:

77% of US consumers have a travel bucket list
The most desirable countries on people’s travel bucket lists are:
55% Japan
34% Finland
34% Thailand
28% Portugal
26% Argentina
19% Singapore
14% Croatia
5% Slovenia

Likeliness of consumers visiting destinations on their bucket lists:
3% have already visited all the destinations on their bucket list
52% are likely to visit a destination on their bucket list
45% are unlikely to visit a destination on their bucket list

Barriers to checking off destinations on travelers’ bucket lists:
21% dream big, but tend not to follow through
85% say cost is an issue
19% don’t have anyone to travel with and they don’t want to travel alone
5% don’t think that hotels provide a comfortable travel experience as they don’t have enough space
14% want to experience the destination like a local, but don’t know how to
17% have too many places they want to travel to

American views on home swapping:
4% have done a home swap
14% plan on home swapping, but haven’t yet
20% are nervous about someone staying in their home
29% are not familiar with home swapping
34% aren’t interested in a home swap

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