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Amadeus Partners with Skyserv to Improve the Passenger Experience

For ground handlers, every second counts. Like Formula 1 pit crews, speed and efficiency are everything, ensuring the planes they service are turned around at rapid speed. Greece is one of the most visited countries in the world, accomodating around 32 million travellers in 2018 and tourism forms a central part of the Greek economy.

For these reasons, Skyserv, Greece’s leading independent ground handler, partners with Amadeus to implement the specific ground handling module of its modern, flexible Altéa Departure Control System (DCS) for handling both passengers and flights.

Skyserv can scale operations with confidence now that its agents are empowered with modern technology that helps them deliver on the specific needs of their airline customers. For example, the unique business rules of each of the 150 airlines Skyserv handles are now readily available to handling agents through graphical prompts when serving passengers in one single solution. For airlines, this translates as additional ancillary revenues and a more consistent brand experience as policies around excess baggage, upgrades and cancellations are made available to agents and delivered as part of the airports’ experience.

Following the implementation, Skyserv is now able to manage load control operations from a single location instead of 37 different airports as in the past. It means delivering both a reduction in cost and greater efficiency, ensuring more punctuality and the delivery of a better experience for travelers.

Skyserv also now benefits from further innovations to the platform being easily integrated without the hassle of installing local software upgrades, such as off airport check-in, helping to make Skyserv a more flexible service provider for airlines and their customers.

Anastatios Stavrakakis, Information Technology and Telecommunication Manager, Skyserv, said: “We have always placed reliability, efficiency and punctuality at the heart of our business. By leveraging the latest in technological innovation, we can ensure we continue to deliver the highest quality service for airlines, airports and passengers. Amadeus shares our vision and its systems are a long-term choice for improving the value we deliver to carriers.”

Yannick Beunardeau, Vice President, Airport IT, EMEA, Amadeus said: “Skyserv’s legacy DCS was due to be decommissioned and that meant our teams had to work closely to ensure the successful migration. We’re pleased to partner with the leading ground handler in the region and we share Skyserv’s belief that technology can help all partners at the airport collaborate more closely for the ultimate benefit of the traveler.”

The migration to the new system involved 150 airlines, 37 different airports and was completed to a challenging three month timescale preventing any interruption to Skyserv’s service. Amadeus Altéa Departure Control for Ground Handlers is now used by more than 125 ground handling firms across the world.

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